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We have a simple plan. To accelerate anyone who has a passion and a plan to create a solution to social problem around them.


Our philosophy is to create a nest to harbour and build active citizens, taking them through curricula with the capability to initiate, articulate and maintain conversations on demanding effective governance. This is also a space to blend civic innovation with various facets of governance. We see a visible area that intersects art, design, data and advocacy with public finance and democracy – one with the capacity to birth social innovations that improve the quality of thought processes and thought leaders, ultimately driving Nigerians towards the highest levels of civic education. Here is a place with the infrastructure, social capital, established demographic and a trusted team ready to pioneer a system that pushes Nigeria towards democratic sophistication, with the added benefit of impacting her regional and continental peers.



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CivicHive was created to address the following social need: How does someone so mad about creating a change in the society get started? Why can’t there be a school for those whose passion is to build new and effective social interventions? Why can’t the same tools, techniques and technologies that have been used to build the most profitable products and services across the world, be used to build the most impactful social interventions?


2nd, floor,
42, Montgomery Road, Yaba,
Lagos, Nigeria

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